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Located in Winter Park Florida! Just a saber toss away from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge!

Jett's a collector as well, so he knows what the Star Wars™ fan expects

You want exactly what's described & most of all, packed to protect for the "Long Haul". Jett will pack your order with great care so it has "ZERO MOVEMENT" during shipping. Jett wants you to be completely satisfied with your order. If you have any problems while ordering or after you received your collectible, give Jett a call on Toy Hutt's toll free number or toss Jett an email. Jett is here to make sure you get to complete your Star Wars™ collection.

The Best "Zero Movement" Packing & Shipping online!


Jett has a large inventory of Star Wars™ Collectibles which he adds to the site daily. If you see an item "Out of Stock", please contact Jett as he has many sources to find what you need.

Jett doesn't use the C-1, C-9 etc grading standards. This is a known standard by advanced collectors, but can be a VERY "grey" area and does not describe exactly what you are receiving. So Jett just tries tp describe his collectibles in detail, ie. "retail price sticker on cardback", "cardback creasing" or "shelfwear to box".

Try our Collecting "101" Guide for more information.

And seeing Jett moves product in and out of the store daily, he doesn't use "actual photos". This is very time consuming and Jett would rather get his product on the site so you can add it to your collection! So all product pictures are stock photos unless otherwise described as many of our vintage & graded collectibles may have actual photos.

Please read these Terms & Conditions before placing an order.

**AFA Shipping Rules (Please Read Before Ordering)** Jett has been packing and shipping AFA figures since 2009, using sturdy shipping boxes & packing material. Toy Hutt packs and ships exactly what is described and pictured. With this said, Toy Hutt is not responsible for any shipping damage to the acrylic AFA case nor any figures or items coming loose within the sealed case caused during transit. Figures and accessories can become loose from their holders no mater how well they are packed. This is just what happens via the USPS transit process. Customers can contact Action Figure Authority directly for a repack, at the customer expense. By ordering from Toy Hutt, you are confirming that you fully agree with these conditions

**Vintage Loose Rules (Please Read Before Ordering)**All pictures shown are stock photo's unless you see in the description (Actual photos Shown). Please read the description carefully before ordering as we have many variations of complete & non-complete loose vintage. Any included capes, clothing, sabers, guns etc will be listed (or pictured if actual photo shown is stated), so if it's not listed or pictured, it's not included.


Toy Hutt will provide USPS tracking information with every order. It is the customers responsibility to make sure a secured delivery area is available, ie PO box, porch, parcel locker, apt door etc. By ordering from Toy Hutt, customer is confirming that USPS tracking showing a confirmed delivery is in fact proof of delivery and will therefore not issue any credit card charge-backs nor Paypal disputes.

Jett is a Star Wars fan and still collects himself. So Jett knows what is expected when packing and shipping action figures & collectibles. So many of Jett's collectibles that are shipped from us locally are packed tight in our custom shipping boxes.

UNITED STATES STANDARD SHIPPING: - USPS 1st Class or Priority (Shipping Class Dependent on Weight/Size/Location)


Jett's Toy Hutt® Return Policy

1) Toy Hutt must be notified of the return within 30-DAYS of the USPS delivery date of your order.
2) The product must still be in FACTORY SEALED CONDITION or in the condition purchased/received. If a child opens a toy, plays with it and breaks it, Toy Hutt cannot accept it back. If opened and/or unsellable merchandise is returned to us, Toy Hutt cannot refund the merchandise and we will not be able to reimburse you for shipping. If the item's factory seal is broken, Toy Hutt cannot accept the item back. Please pack your returns carefully.
3) If the return was due to Toy Hutt error (for instance, Toy Hutt accidentally sent the wrong merchandise), Toy Hutt will accept responsibility for all shipping costs related to the return. Your order will be refunded for the shipping. Toy Hutt is not responsible for Manufacturer/Factory defects.
4) If the return is not due to an error of ours (no longer needed/wanted, accidental, not as expected etc) or package is returned to us marked "Refused", "Undeliverable", "Unclaimed", the buyer accepts full responsibility for all shipping costs plus a 20% restocking fee of the total purchase price as well as the exact shipping costs Toy Hutt originally incurred will be deducted from your refund. Buyers return shipping cost will not be refunded.
5) If a package is lost or misdirected due to an incorrectly inputted address, Toy Hutt is not responsible.

Toy Hutt does not accept "better price found" returns as prices in vintage and new collectible toys vary almost weekly.

Refunds are usually issued within 2 business days of us receiving the product back.

Please ship returns to: Toy Hutt 1997 Karolina Ave Winter Park, FL 32789

Jett's Toy Hutt® Signature Delivery Policy

Please arrange to sign for or pick-up shipment within 14 days of 1st attempted delivery. After 14 days, the shipment will be returned to Toy Hutt and upon our receipt, the customer will be refunded less signature service & shipping costs Toy Hutt has incurred, as well as a 20% restocking fee

ELECTRONIC & BATTERY OPERATED COLLECTIBLES RETURN POLICY Please inspect your order before opening as we do not accept "Opened/Used" collectibles for returns/refunds. In addition, Toy Hutt does not replace/refund New/Unopened/Sealed electronic or battery operated toys, games or collectibles as most of these collectibles are 5-25 yrs old which are in intended for display purposes only because of their age & time out of current production. Toy Hutt is not unable to inspect these type of collectibles for proper operation and/or corrosion as these are New/Unopened/Sealed electronic and/or battery operated toys, games or collectibles. Because of the above, they are sold as-is.

VINTAGE LOOSE RETURN POLICY Because of the vintage age of these loose collectibles & the tight grading standards of vintage loose, Toy Hutt does not accept returns for vintage loose.