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Toy Hutt loves to collect Star Wars and you will too!

Jett has been collecting action figures since he purchased his 1st one at his hometown toy store in Charleston, WV back in 1977 and yes, Star Wars™ was his 1st action figure purchase at the age of 13. Jett joined the military right out of high school to see the world and enjoyed all 25 years he gave to Uncle Sam...

During this time Jett built his collection as his passion for Star Wars™ and other action figure collectibles grew as well. Jett started buying and selling figures from “The World Wide Web” (really, that’s what they called it) in 1996 from ebay™ and other online storefronts. Jett noticed that it was “hit & miss” on the quality and packaging of these action figures when they arrived in the mail.

So in 2006 Jett started his own online storefronts on Ebay™ & Amazon™ and built a reputation as a quality action figure seller. So when Jett retired from the military in 2009 he moved back home to Charleston WV to be a full-time action figure toy merchant. And right out of the gate, in December of 2009, Jett was ranked among the top of all Amazon™ toy sellers!

To move forward with this momentum Jett hired EY Studios (one of the best if not the best) to build him the “Ultimate Star Wars™ action figure store”. So Jett & the team contacted Lucas Films to request permission to create a “Jabba the Hutt™” mascot for the site but was told by the powers that be not to “create our own likeness”. So Jett snatched the best single stock image of the big guy we could find, polished it up and on April 1st, 2010, Jett launched Jabba’s Toy Hutt!

Success was immediate with the new site and John Coppinger himself (Jabba the Hutt™ sculptor) telling Jett at Celebration V in Orlando that “he just loved the site!” (in that fantastic British accent). But, with great achievements comes challenges. When Jett returned from Star Wars™ Celebration V, he finds a letter from Lucas Film‘s requesting the removal of “Jabba” from the “Toy Hutt” and domain. Well, it is Lucas …and Jett would not be here at all if it was not for what he created, so, Jett complied immediately. Remember Lucas Films, Who Loves Ya?

Jett needed someone to fill the Big Shoes of Jabba™ (wait, does he have feet?) So the “Jett” was born and is now Toy Hutt’s new mascot! So now you can also find Toy Hutt at JettsToyHutt.com. Jett is very excited about his new ambassador for Toy Hutt as Jett is ready to travel the far reaches of the universe in search of some fantastic Star Wars™ toys & collectibles for his customers!

Now Jett just loves what he does as he is a collector himself, before he's a merchant. Jett strives for 100% satisfaction on every purchase and goes the extra mile to do just that.

So, if you have any questions about Toy Hutt, Star Wars™ action figures, Jett or… Jett, toss him a wire or call the Toy Hutt toll free number shown above. Keep on collecting & never grow up! - Jett